L.A. Live Music Shows - Fall/Winter 2013 Playlist

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♪♪ It’s a Musical Exploration Kinda Night ♪♪

It’s been way too long since I say down at my computer in a frenzy, cross-referencing Songkick, Spotify, my own Feedly venue feeds, updating my calendar, and buying tickets. 

The busy summer months of my photography company mean I hardly have time to explore and research bands, let alone go to shows. I love being busy with work, but I am so happy to have time to mellow out, get into the music, and hear some amazing new (to me, at least) stuff.

My friends have heard me say this a million times, but I really think of attending local shows as a habit not unlike attending church. Living in Silver Lake, I can easily go to 1-2 free or near-free events a week. I file in, douse myself with holy water (grab a beer), warm up with chitchat, find my pew (spot on the floor), and spend the next 1-2 hours having an inner and outer experience during the ceremony.

And more than church does for me, now, I believe in this shit. I believe in the crowd connection, the community. I believe in the intentions of those around me.

[Namaste, mother fuckers.]

I’m going to try to find the time to post shows/etc that I’m interested in. Try to hook up my calendar, maybe? I hope to see you there. 


Listening to: The Peach Kings (hello, Texas + L.A. collaboration - I love you)

The Sixth Son @ Los Globos, Los Angeles

The Sixth Son, Neil Mallick, at Los Globos. During the third show of his first residency. SO. GOOD. 


Thank you Los Angeles—the hard work begins but I am honored to lead this city for the next four years. Let’s make this a great city again.

— Eric Garcetti (@ericgarcetti) May 22, 2013

Kate Earl @ The Satellite (Fighting Apathy, One Embarrassing Dance Move at a Time)


Kate Earl opened up for Robert Schwartzman at the Satellite last week and was everything (and more ) I’d hoped she’d be. She was gorgeous, gracious, talented, and she really opened up to the crowd about her band, her journey, and her son. In response, the early Satellite crowd….

​Just stared blankly, unmoving.​



​I was so bummed. And kind of embarrassed for my too-cool-for-school (but rest assured, still beloved!) Silver Lake.

​I’m done with this overwhelming apathy of my Gen Y. (I’m refraining from using the “H” word.)

So I danced. Danced like my mama taught me, shook what she gave me, and didn’t give a damn about people side-eyeing me over their PBR tallboys.

I have so much respect for what these performers do, running around the nation (world!) with no sense of home or routine, ​to perpetuate this artform that they love.

So often I see my peers prefer not to stand up and show their enthusiasm (read: vulnerability) to the world because they are afraid. So they hide…behind irony. Behind apathy. Behind each other. 


Maybe this comes from being the first generation to grow up with such rapidly advancing technology and fast-forming self-centered online community, where all the nuances of our lives can be shared, saved, and scrutinized. Then re-scrutinized at a later date. Maybe this is where this collective facade of apathy comes from? I don’t know. But I do know this:

Duuuuude. It’s time to get up and DANCE.​

​Kate Earl is on Pledge Music, collecting money to upgrade her tourbus so that her 2-year-old son can accompany her on her tour. In her words, “I have to be his mother.” It’s a beautiful thing. Click here to be directed to her pledge page.

adfghjkl!! Emily Wells @ The Echo, June 13, 2013. 

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If you don’t love L.A., you’re doing it wrong.

Micheltorena Community Garden Mini Parade

Saturday was a mini parade and celebration of local farmers down at the Micheltorena Community Garden and ​Silver Lake Farmers Market. There was dancing, costumes, a maypole and more. Here are a few photos of the garden. I put the rest on Facebook so attendees could tag themselves. Check them out, here. I <3 Silver Lake ;)







Design time! Musical inspiration…

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♫ Los Angeles Live Shows, May 2013 (in progess). Can’t waaaaaiiitttt.

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